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Hand-Sewn Silk Embroidery of Don Tran


I will create a custom artwork according to your request.

Hand-Sewn Silk Embroidery is a perfect gift for

Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Anniversaries and other special occasions or perfect accent for your own home.

All of artwork is in different size and suitable for your preferences. Framed or unframed, your choice.


 Honors & Awards

Award of Excellence in Fiber Arts 2021, East Lansing Art Show, East Lansing, Michigan

- Award of Excellence 2021, Orchard Lake Fine Arts Festival, West Bloomfield, Michigan

- Award of Excellence 2021, Nashville Craft Fair, Nashville, Tennessee

- Award of Excellence 2021, ArtFest on Walnut Street. Springfield, Missouri

- Third Place in Fiber 2020, Coconut Grove Art Festival. Miami, Florida

Award of Distinction 2020, Bonita Springs National Art Festival. Bonita Springs, Florida

Honorable Mentioned Award 2020, Nokomis Rotary Art Festival. Venice, Florida

- Best of Show 2019, Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts. Granbury, Texas

- Third Place in Fine Art 2019, Chautauqua Madison Art Festival. Madison, Indiana

- Award of Purchase 2019, Austin Arworks Festival. Austin, Minnesota

- Best Booth Award 2019, League of Milwaukee Artist. West Bend, Wisconsin.

- Award of Distinction 2019, Bonita Springs National Art Festival. Bonita Springs, Florida

- Award of Excellence 2018,  Napples Fine Arts Festival. Naples, Florida

- Award of Merit 2018, Pink Palace Arts & Crafts Fair. Memphis, Tennessee

- First Place in Fiber 2018, Cedarhurst Arts & Craft Fair. Mount Vernon, Illinois 

- Award of City 2018, Austin Artworks Festival. Austin, Minnesota 

- Award of Honorable Mentioned 2018, Boston Mills Artfest, Richfield, Ohio

- Award of Appreciation 2018, Tarpon Springs Fine Art Festival. Tarpon Springs, Florida

- Award of Distinction 2018, Boca Raton Fine Art Festival. Boca Raton, Florida

- First Place in Fiber 2017, Plantation Junior Woman’s Club. Plantation, Florida 

- Award of Mastery 2017, Queeny Park Art Fair. St. Louis, Missouri

- Award of Excellence 2017, Austin Fine Arts Festival. Austin, Minnesota

- First place in Fiber 2017, Boston Milss Artfest. Peninsula, Ohio

- Best of Show 2017, May Fair Arts Festival. Norman, Oklahoma

- Award of Excellence 2016, Queeny Park Art Festival. St. Louis, Missouri

- Honorable Mentioned Award 2016, Jackson Art Festival. Jackson, Michigan

- Best choice award of Mayor 2015, Highland Arts in the Park. Highland, Illinois

- Best of Show 2015, Staunton City Arts and Music Festival. Staunton, Illinois

- Honorable Mentioned Award 2015, Maple & Main Arts Fair. Sylvania, Ohio

- First place in Fiber 2015, Gum Tree Art Festival. Tupelo, Mississipi

- First Place in 2D 2015, Stillwater Arts Festival. Stillwater, Oklahoma

- Second Place 2015, Stuart ArtFest. Stuart, Florida

- Best in Fiber 2015, Dania Beach Arts Celebrations. Hollywood, Florida

- Best in Show 2014, Cherokee Triangle Art Festival. Louisville, Kentucky

- Award of Excellence 2014 & 2013, ArtFest on Walnut Street. Springfield, Missouri

- Award of Merit 2013, Florida Craftmen, Inc., CraftArt. St. Petersburg, Florida

- Best of Display/Presentation 2013, Hopkins Arts Festival. Hopkins, Minnesota

- First Place in Fiber 2013, Wichita Museum of Art. Wichita, Kansas

- Award of Honorable Mention 2013, Atlanta Art Festival. Atlanta, Georgia

- Award of Temple Terrace Art Council 2012. Temple Terrace, Florida

- First Place, Tatse of St. Louis_Arts & Wine Walk 2012.  St. Louis, Missouri

- Award of Honorable Mention 2012, Rising Sun Fine Art. Rising Sun, Indiana

- Best of Show 2012, Oconomowoc Festival of Arts. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

- Award of Honorable Mention 2012, Brighton Fine Art. Brighton, Michigan

- Award of Excellence 2012, Lower Town Arts and Music Festival. Paducah, Kentucky

- Best of Show in 2Ds 2012, Artfest on Walnut Street. Springfield, Missouri

- Award of Merit 2012, Fine Arts on the Bayou. Tarpon Springs, Florida

- Best in Show 2011, Temple Terrace Arts Council. Temple Terrace, Florida

- Best New Artist 2011, Paseo Arts Festival. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

- First Place in Fiber 2011 and 2010, Columbia Art League. Columbia, Missouri

- Second Place 2011, Brighton Fine Arts Festival. Brighton, Michigan

- Artistic Merit Award 2011, Red River Revel Arts Festival. Shreveport, Lousiana

- Honorable Mention 2011 and 2010,Tatse of St. Louis, Arts and Winewalk. St. Louis, Missouri

- Best in  Show, Decatur Celebration Days 2009. Decatur, Illinois

- First Place in Textile 2009, Amish Acres Arts Festival. Nappanee, Indiana